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Richard Bandler, John Grinder.

Frogs - in Princes (Introductory NLP training)
Twenty years ago when I was a graduate student, I

studied pedagogy, psychotherapy and other methods of control

personal development in Abraham Maslow. After 10 years, I have met

Franz Perslom and became engaged in Gestalt therapy, which

It seemed to me more effective than other methods. The

Currently, I believe that the effectiveness of certain methods

when working with certain people having certain

problem. Most of the techniques promise more than they can

implement, and most theories have little to do

the methods they describe buyout.

When I first met with a neuro-linguistic

programming, I was fascinated, but at the same time,

very skeptical. While I firmly believe that

personal development is slow, difficult and

painful. I could hardly believe that I can heal

phobia, and other similar mental disorders, in a short time

less than an hour, despite the fact that I have this prodeloval

several times and found that the results were sustainable.

Everything you will find in this book set out clearly and simply, and

It can be easily tested on your own experience. Here

There are no tricks, and you are not required to move to a new

faith. All you need is one - to move away from a few of their own

beliefs, behind them the time necessary to

check the concept and procedures of NLP in their own

sensory experience. It does not take a lot of time - most

our statements can be checked in a few minutes, or

several hours. If you are skeptical, as I once

time, it is precisely because of your skeptizizmu you check our

approval, to understand that the method solves all of the same complex

the tasks for which it is intended.
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