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Ian McDermott and Joseph O'Connor.

NLP and health. Using NLP to improve the health and well-being.
"Magic" neurolinguistics attracted the attention of a whole generation in recent decades. It began sharply increasing demand for training and the application of the principles of NLP in various areas of human activity.

Over 17 years of practical application in clinical medicine techniques, involving the integration of mind and body, I witnessed many as "correct and successful" and "wrong and unsuccessful" cases, the use of such techniques and methods. But I also have repeatedly faced with examples as "improper and successful" and "unsuccessful and proper" use of techniques of integration of mind and body - including the so-called formal methods of NLP. Therefore, the path to success is not confined to the purely formal, rigid application of "a particular technology for a specific problem," - whether this technique to NLP or some other targeted therapy.

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