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Connirae and Tamara Andreas Andreas

Core Transformation

finding inexhaustible inner source
This book invites you to become aware of actions, feelings and reactions that you do not like yourself, and use them in a wonderful healing and uplifting journey inward, into the depths of his being. This tour is called the Core Transformation Process.

Formation Process Core Transformation occurs naturally, since I was doing what I loved and knew how to do best. I studied how people perceive the world directly in their words, gestures and facial expressions. More than 20 years I worked and acquired knowledge in the field of formation and changes in personality, I use and develop many of the techniques and exercises that help people effectively to correct unwanted behavior, heal emotional state and achieve the desired goals. I imagined these techniques in a number of books. Some co-author or co-editor was my husband, Steve Andreas. The audience of these books were mostly professional therapists, counselors, teachers and other professions of some people close to our own. This book Other. It is available to anyone who seeks to change his life.
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