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The debut novel by Alexandra Dementieva "antiglamurnaya divorce" - a book about big money and a lot of love, discourse on marital ties and values. Divorce can be very fierce conflict, especially when there is, what to divide. Delёzh property then there is severe and antiglamurnaya. For the sake of the money people go to the intrigue, the bases, the manipulation of children.

The plot - a true story about how a successful rich man met a young lady and, in order to marry her, he decided to leave the family. The action is narrated from the point of view of the girl from her face. With a keen understanding of psychology, Alexander actually wrote a book about how a woman should behave, not from left to her, and to her. The plot of the book is based on the author's personal experience.

After the publication of Alexander received a barrage of angry letters from women insecure, afraid of being abandoned. They expressed their indignation bitch that can not be ashamed openly to focus efforts on what to take away from her husband's family, which already has a child. Particular indignation aroused cynicism with which the author describes the legal details to achieve that a man could leave as little as possible a previous wife and child. At the same time, Alexander did not hesitate to disclose such information: it is so sure of himself that is not afraid to use any of the methods described itself against it.

The book combines the simple style of the legal literacy. Through training at the Russian Academy of Justice author could competently talk about various legal (and other) aspects of divorce. At the same time, the book is written in simple language as much as possible, to be understandable for the general reader.

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