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Question 1. What is the stage of developing a plan of social development team can be described as target-oriented:

1. First;

2. the second;

3. the third;

4. the fourth;

5. the fifth.

Question 2: Who organizes the supervisory work of all departments of the management:

1. administration;

2. Trade Union Committee;

3. The head of personnel;

4. The head of the department of labor and wages;

5. Director.

Question 3: On the basis of what defines the main targets of all spheres of the social life of the collective:

1. The operational objectives;

2. strategic objectives;

3. The goals of development;

4. The plan of the parent organization;

5. The terms of the collective agreement.

Item 4. Implementation of the method is the most promising direction of social development planning:

1. Regulatory;

2. The balance sheet;

3. "Delphi";

4. target;

5. The expert estimates.

Question 5: What kind of standards describes the requirements for the future of the property:

1. health;

2. social conditions;

3. The social and labor;

4. targets;

5. Directive.

Task 2.

Learn and workshop materials zakonspektiruyte 1. Find the correct answer and mark it on the card answers.

Question 1. How many main ways of formation of social indicators used in the development of the social regulatory framework:

1. Two;

2. Three;

3. Four;

4. five;

5. Six.

Question 2. Who heads the commission on the development of social development plan for the enterprise:

1. The chairman of the trade union committee;

2. Chief Engineer;

3. Deputy. Director for General Affairs;

4. Director;

5. The head of the personnel department.

Question 3. What makes the validity of the planned development and jobs:

1. Comprehensive;

2. carrying out the relevant calculations;

3. The control of the administration;

4. The use of the regulatory framework;

5. participate in the work of all departments.

Question 4. How to start developing a plan of social development:

1. The definition of tactical decisions;

2. The development strategies;

3. the calculations;

4. The collection of primary information;

5. drawing
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