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Task 1

Question 1. Control is one of the control functions, which are:

1) target orientation, the content and methods of implementation;

2) focus feedback, discrete content and form of implementation;

3) The documentary focus, content and legal form of the well-established;

4) inventory focus, free content and legally certain methods of implementation;

5) information orientation, the specific content and procedure.

Question 2. What checks are generally listed in the scientific literature?

1) value, arithmetic, economic and statistical control;

2) economic, business, administrative and financial control;

3) virtual, computer, financial, commercial and administrative;

4) Economic, full, discount, probability and finance;

5) primary, secondary, subsidiary, operational and statistical.

Question 3: Under the supervision of financial means:

1) verification of production and business activities with the use of economic and mathematical methods;

2) identification of differences with the legal acts determining the basis of management;

3) the definition of indicators to comply with fiscal discipline;

4) Identifying or tracing actually received financial performance;

5) determination of profitability and profit spending.

Question 4. The general principles of financial control include:

1) the rule of law, subjectivity, objectivity, independence;

2) legality, objectivity, independence and transparency;

3) regulatory, objectivity, reliability, non-disclosure of information;

4) legality, monitoring and verification of documents, compliance with safety regulations, the analysis of financial statements;

5) the legitimacy, coherence, focus, financial analysis.

Question 5. What is the subject of financial control:

1) the economic aspects of the business entity;

2) organizational
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