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Task number 1

Question 1: When there was a "culture" and the term culture. What is the meaning of this term?

1. From the earliest times of human life - the term means the cultivation, education, education; in the modern understanding of this knowledge, spiritual culture;

2. In the Middle Ages, and is meant by particular philosophical knowledge;

3. In modern times, and the meaning of the term in its educational value;

4. Egypt and the meaning of words in the biological and social man

5. The ancient Christians and means worldviews (Cosmos)

Question 2. What is the science of cultural studies?

1. It is a science about the needs of people

2. It is the science of social life

3. It is a science of culture, the objective laws of universal and national cultural processes

4. This is the philosophy of science culture

5. It is the science of the social in man

Question 3. What is studying cultural studies?

1. Professional ethics and morality

2. The ideology designed to ensure economic tasks

3. Background and factors that influence the shape and developing cultural interests and needs of people

4. Cultural life in different societies, the main features and achievements of cultural-historical types

5. archeology, history, culture, sociologists, culture

Question 4: What kind of cultural studies, and you know what questions do they do?

1. The religious philosophy, ontology, epistemology. Natural, agnosticism;

2. The theory of knowledge, the noosphere, environmental science, population science

3. anthropology, biology, sociology. psychiatry

4. The philosophy of culture, cultural history, sociology of culture, psychology, culture, ethnological cultural studies, cultural studies philological

5. Mathematics, astrology, physical geography, genetics, literature

Question 5. What is the point of view considered the concept of "culture"?

1. Lifestyle Peoples

2. Through the prism of tradition

3. How to live the destiny of nations, the path of humanity

4. As people lifestyle

5. All of the above

Task number 2

Question 1. What has been the content of the concept
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