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Task 1.

Question 1. Management Information System - ...

1. The collection of data, of economic and mathematical methods and models, technical, software and other technological tools and professionals, designed for information processing and decision-making upravlenche-ray

2. complex computer network

3. The set of special mathematical and economic methods

4. Data Bank

5. no right answer

Item 2. Management Information System should address current challenges ...

1. Strategic Planning

2. tactical planning

3. Accounting

4. Operational management of the company

5. All of the above

Question 3. Information management systems allow you to:

1. improve the level of informed decision-making at the expense of operational data collection, transmission and processing of information;

2. Ensure the timely management decision-making organization in the conditions of market economy;

3. pursue efficiency gains control by the timely submission of the necessary information managers at all levels of management from a single information collection;

4. coordinate the decisions taken at the various levels of government and different departments-s; by awareness of managerial staff of the current state;

5. All of the above

Question 4. The main features of the classification of automated information systems NE-lyayutsya:

1. The level of the public administration system;

2. The area of \u200b\u200boperation of the entity;

3. The types of management processes;

4. The degree of automation of information processes

5. All of the above

Question 5. In accordance with a feature of the classification of the level of government automated information systems, bathrooms are divided into ...

1. The federal and territorial (regional) and municipal

2. simple and complex

3. Linear and nonlinear

4. The local and global

5. no right answer

Task 2.

Question 1. IP federal ...

1. solve the problem of information
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