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Task 1

Question 1: Microeconomics, unlike macroeconomic studies:

1. Only the behavior of the individual consumer;

2. The economy of a territorial unit;

3. economic conditions for a short period of time;

4. The interaction of structural units of the economy;

5. The behavior of individual economic indicators.

Question 2. Of these models is not micro:

1. The model of the firm;

2. The model of inflation;

3. The model of the consumer;

4. The model of market equilibrium;

5. The model of the sector.

Question 3. The problem of scarcity can be solved if:

1. People will be able to abandon the competition in favor of cooperation;

2. will be opened virtually inexhaustible source of energy;

3. All countries in the world will become post-industrial society;

4. everywhere will be increased productivity.

5. All of the above is not true;

Question 4. Choose the answer, which identifies only examples of various factors of production:

1. The manager, gas, land, car

2. Worker conveyor belt, car

3. The driver, a bank employee, factory air

4. Water, tractor, earth, foreman;

5. Among the responses given no right answer.

Question 5: Opportunity cost of a new stadium - is:

1. The payment of its protection and other personnel;

2. The price of the construction of the stadium in the coming year;

3. The changes in the real rate of tax, which is paid from the proceeds of the stadium;

4. The price of other goods and services whose production is sacrificed to the construction of this stadium;

5. there is no right answer.

Task 2

Question 1. A person who has the ability to get a job with pay from 40 to 60 rubles. per hour, the opportunity cost of one hour of leisure are:

1. 40 rub .;

2. 50 rub .;

3. 60 rub .;

4. 70 rub .;

5. 100 rubles.

Question 2. Within two working days carpenter Ivan and Vasily make tables and shelves. Ivan could make two tables, or one shelf, Basil - two tables or three shelves. Alternative production costs for each shelf carpenter are:

1. Basil -2/3 to -2 Ivan
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