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Task 1.

Question 1. What is in the Russian translation of the Latin word from which derives its name sciences Cultural?

1. humanization;

2. processing, cultivation;

3. decoration, entertainment;

4. Education, training;

5. the world (cosmos).

Question 2: Who of the thinkers belong words: "Culture was born from the cult. The origins of it - sacred. Around the temple she conceived and organic your period was related to the religious life? "

1. A. I pray;

2. A.Kreberu;

3. Roerich;

4. N.Berdyaev;

5. W. Wundt

Question 3. What is the main feature among the vital functions performed by culture?

1. epistemological;

2. The function of socialization;

3. Methodological;

4. semiotic;

5. protection.

Question 4. What is a function of socialization includes the rights?

1. The formation and education of the person with the help of the traditions, rituals and skills, rituals and values \u200b\u200bof the culture and civilization;

2. Formation of political participation in the life of society, the political reality of the political system, human rights;

3. Formation of material culture;

4. Formation of consciousness, self-consciousness, ways of survival in nature and the human world;

5. Learns to live and function in the industrialized world.

Question 5. What is the function of culture helps to restore the physical and spiritual powers of man?

1. Regulatory;

2. axiological;

3. communicative;

4. The compensatory;

5. information.

Task 2

Question 1: In what sense is used in the scientific literature the concept of "second nature"?

1. company;

2. Culture;

3. Appliances;

4. Education;

5. Art.

Question 2. The culture can be represented in two levels:

1. Specialized and ordinary;

2. elitist and popular culture;

3. The core of values \u200b\u200band culture of the peripheral layers;

4. The highest and the lowest;

5. All of the above.

Question 3. The concept of elite culture developed:

1. Friedrich Nietzsche;

2. H.Ortega Gasset);

3. T.Eliot;

4. N.YaDanilevsky;

5. K.Levi-Strauss.

Question 4: What are the channels of communication exist between the specialized
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