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Zadanie1. From the city A to city B are 5 roads in and out of the city in the city with - three roads. How many paths that pass through in the lead from A to C? Target 2. There are six pairs of gloves of different sizes. In how many ways you can choose the one glove on his left hand, and one - to the right so that the gloves were selected in different sizes? Task 3. Five girls and three boys playing in the towns. How many ways-mi they can divide into two teams of 4 people, if each team must have at least one boy? Quest 9. outing went to 92 people. Sandwiches with bulb-soi took 47 people with cheese - 38 people, with ham - 42 people, with cheese and sausage - 28 people, and sausage and ham - 31 people, and with cheese and
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