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Task number 1

Question 1. How many approaches to the definition of "management"?

1. Three;

2. Four;

3. Five;

4. Six;

5. Seven.

Question 2. When management emerged as an independent field of knowledge, science?

1. In the XVIII century;

2. In the first half of the XIX century;

3. In the second half of the XIX century;

4. In the XX century;

5. At the end of the XX century.

Question 3: Who are the managers?

1. Heads of organizations;

2. The heads of the organizations and their deputies;

3. Categories of people whose job it is to organize and guide the efforts of the staff to achieve the tse-li;

4. The heads of organizations and their first deputies;

5. All employees of the management body.

Question 4: What is the main factor to be taken into account in the management?

1. People;

2. Technologies;

3. Methods of work;

4. The level of technology;

5. Financial resources.

Question 5. The term "management" is identical to the concept -

1. The management body;

2. Management;

3. Resources;

4. Methods of work;

5. Style Guide.

Task number 2

Question 1: What is the part of the environment to which a particular management process aims?

1. The object of management;

2. The management body;

3. The device control;

4. The control system;

5. The subject of management.

Question 2. What is the guide of the management process?

1. The control system;

2. The object of management;

3. The control function;

4. Means EVT;

5. The subject of management.

Question 3. How many types of control?

1. Two;

2. Three;

3. Four;

4. Five;

5. Six.

Question 4: What is the essence of the organizational management?

1. In the implementation of long-term goals;

2. In the setting of specific targets;

3. The establishment of the control system and the formation mechanism of its functioning;

4. The object of providing the resource management;

5. Control of the results.

Question 5: How many types of management?

1. Three;

2. Two;

3. Five;

4. Four;

5. Seven.

Task number 3

Question 1: How many items allocated in economic management?

1. Three;

2. Four;

3. Five;

4. Six;

5. Seven.

Question 2. What are endowed individuals for the implementation of
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