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TASK №1.

Question № 1. Who were asked to plan ahead for the working methods and the entire production of the company as a whole?

1) GL Gantt;

2) A. Fayolle;

3) F. Taylor;

4) Mr. Emerson;

5) Mr. Church

Question № 2. What characterizes the period monopolized capitalism?

1) an increase in the administrative apparatus;

2) change in the functions of the management;

3) management forms have become diverse;

4) require a large number of internal and external information;

5) all of the above.

Question № 3. Why study the production of steel is actively carried out in the XVIII century?

1) it is connected with the formation and development of the capitalist mode of production;

2) is linked to the development of manufactures;

3) is associated with the development of monetary relations;

4) it is connected with the formation and development of socialist society;

5) required the strengthening of the feudal system.

Question № 4. During what process management emerged as an independent activity?

1) the division of labor;

2) the allocation of responsibilities;

3) cooperation;

4) the development of capitalism;

5) stratification of society.

Question № 5. What kind of name is connected with the beginning of the research facilities?

1) H. Gantt;

2) F. Taylor;

3) Kondratyev;

4) FB Gilbert;

5) VA Avila.

JOB №2.

Question № 1. What is the subject of production management?

1) production;

2) production systems;

3) production staff;

4) production and production systems;

5) production processes.

Question № 2. What is involved in the subsystem "research"?

1) calculation of cost estimates and cost control methods;

2) determination of the reliability of the product;

3) the development schedule;

4) determination of the directions of development of the project;

5) all of the above.

Question № 3. What operating system?

1) The process of transforming the individual system components into useful products;

2) the system of production operations;

3) a complete system of production activity;

4) a set of production n
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