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Task 1

1. material production sectors include:

1. culture, education, health, social welfare, science, management, housing and communal services, consumer services;

2. industry, agriculture, forestry, construction, transport and communications, trade and catering, logistics.

2. The production structure of the enterprise includes:

1. shops, plots; Agriculture and services are involved in the manufacturing process;

2. utility departments, factories, kitchens, dining rooms, canteens, kindergartens and nurseries, health centers, medical unit, departments of technical education.

3. The types of production structure are:

1. technological, scientific and technological, organizational and management,

2. Subject, technological, mixed.

4. The following types of production:

1 .edinichnoe, mass, mass;

2. special, unified, standard.

5. The production program provides:

1. The volume of gross, commodity and sales;

2. The level of mechanization and automation of the pile, the consumption of materials of production, modernization of equipment.

Task 2

1. Entrepreneurial Abilities:

1. The factor of production and generate business profits;

2. are not a factor of production.

2. camaraderie inherent disadvantages:

1. The risk of losing property or private contributions;

2. The inability to control the lists of holders of securities of this company.

3. Public Corporation inherent disadvantages:

1. The possible incompatibility of interests;

2. The waiver of the right to a trade secret.

4. Commercial Limited Liability Company:

1. carries the risk of losses to the value of the contributions made by the participants;

2. provides unlimited liability for the debts of the owner.

5. Fixed assets at enrollment in the balance sheet as a result of the acquisition, construction is estimated:

1. at replacement cost;

2. the full cost.

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