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Task 1.

Question 1. What scientist discovered the theory of absolute advantages:

1. Marx;

2. Ricardo;

3. Adam Smith;

4. DZh.Keyns;

5. R.Vernon.

Question 2. According to the table, calculate the price of a tank 1 in Russia and 1 tank in Germany (with respect to the vehicle):

Country Number of tanks

on units. Resources of vehicles

on units. resources

Russia 0.2 0.25

Germany 0.25 0.5

1. 3; 1.5;

2. 2, 2.5;

3. 2,5; 1,5;

4. 1,25; 2;

5., 0.5, 2.25.

Question 3. What are the disadvantages of the theory of comparative advantage:

1. The transport costs are not taken into account;

2. ignored international movement of factors of production;

3. not taken into account changes in the relative levels of labor productivity in different countries;

4. All the answers are correct;

5. there is no right answer.

Question 4. According to the Heckscher-Ohlin model, which seeks to export the products each country?

1. which are used extensively for her excessive factors of production;

2. which are used extensively scarce factors of production;

3. consumer goods;

4. there is no right answer;

5. All the answers are correct.

Question 5. The theorem Heckscher -Olina:

1. The logic is impeccable;

2. do not take into account the quality and heterogeneity of labor and capital;

3. does not account for the reversibility of the factors of production;

4. The correct answer is 2, 3.

5. do not take into account particular geographical situation of the country.

Task 2.

Question 1: What is the theory explains the development of world trade in manufactured goods based on the stages of their lives:

1. The theory of absolute advantage;

2. The theory of comparative advantage;

3. The theory of product life cycle;

4. The Heckscher-Ohlin theory;

5. The theory of economies of scale.

Question 2. Which scientist theorized life cycle of the goods?

1. V.Leontev;

2. R.Vernon;

3. P.Kryugman;

4. Ricardo;

5. Adam Smith.

Question 3. Production of some of the goods does not fit into the theory of the life cycle of the goods:

1. The short-lived;

2. The high cost of transport;

3. have a great opportunity to differentiate on quality;

4. The correct answer is 1,2,3.

5. The long lifecycle.

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