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Task 1.

Having examined the chapter 1.

Select the question the correct answer and mark it on the card answers.

Question 1. What is the key function of management:

1. production;

2. The marketing;

3. planning;

4. supplies;

5. The provision of high quality products.

Question 2. What is meant by planning principles:

1. The methodological framework, which regulates the procedure of development plans;

2. The basic theoretical principles used in the planning process;

3. consistency in the preparation of various types of plans;

4. finding optimal solutions to the problems;

5. obtain the best possible result from the production and sales.

Question 3. What is the aim of developing a strategic plan for the company:

1. The development of measures to ensure the maximum profit;

2. The development of production;

3. The determination of the conditions of functioning of the enterprise in the future;

4. preparation of measures aimed at implementation of the investment plan;

5. finding new market sectors in which possible "penetration" of the enterprise.

Question 4. What method is used in the planning of scientific and technological progress:

1. The target-oriented;

2. The balance sheet;

3. Regulatory;

4. extrapolation;

5. The use of technical and economic parameters.

Q5: Whose team is launched into production using the planning system "warehouse":

1. Production Division;

2. Planning Department;

3. The department chief technologist;

4. The assembly shop;

5. The storage of finished products.

Task 2.

Continue the study of Chapter 1.

Select the question the correct answer and mark it on the card answers.

Question 1. What is the most time-consuming operation for internal production planning:

1. The determination of the volume of production;

2. The development schedule manufacturing of products;

3. The establishment of the optimal number of employees in the company;

4. development of marketing strategies;

5. The presence of suppliers of components for all kinds of produce
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