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Task 1.

Question 1. What is the lack of profiles compared with the resume?

1. less flexible;

2. greater volume;

3. complex in the drafting;

4. gives less information;

5. does not reflect all abilities.

Question 2: What kind of advice should be followed in the preparation of a resume? (Note the extra)

1. be as accurate as possible in the formulation and remember that vague description of the duties performed in the past can give you about as vague impression;

2. The need to describe what results you have achieved in their original workplace;

3. The need to describe all their personal problems;

4. The executive summary in any case should not be more than two pages;

5. The summary to be printed using a standard font.

Question 3. What do employers use to get information about the candidates for the vacant jobs?

1. brief summary;

2. The description of work;

3. The questionnaire, written tests;

4. medical reports, letters pleading;

5. All of the above.

Question 4: What approach should be used in the preparation of a resume?

1. chronological;

2. functional;

3. Analysis;

4. The contents of paragraphs 1, 2, 3;

5. The contents of paragraphs 1 and 2.

Question 5: What you would not do when filling out the questionnaire?

1. leave an empty space in the questionnaire;

2. put the words "not available" if the requested information in the questionnaire did not apply to you;

3. To request a second copy of the questionnaire;

4. bring a copy of the summary and other information;

5. before starting to fill it, to read the entire profile from the beginning to the end.

Task 2.

Question 1. Which of the letter contains? (Note the extra)

1. Welcome;

2. the introductory part;

3. epilogue;

4. The end of the letter;

5. The main part.

Question 2. What you will not do so before you go for testing?

1. good night's sleep;

2. ascertain whether the answer is fined, made by another person;

3. make a list of everything that you may need in the middle of testing, including a pencil;

4. check whether all you have
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