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Task 1. The murder means:

1 wrongful intentional infliction of death to another person;

2 intentional and negligent infliction of death to another person;

3 negligent infliction of death to another person.

Task 2. To what kind of corpus delicti refers murder?

1 material;

2 formal;

3 truncated.

Task 3. To murder with mitigating circumstances include:

1 murder of a mother of a newborn baby;

2 murder of a woman known to the perpetrator to be pregnant;

3 murder of hooliganism;

Task 4. What is meant by murder with special cruelty?

1 method of killing selected guilty, was obviously fraught with special suffering of the victims;

2 murder if the actions of the perpetrator killed two or more people;

3 mockery of a corpse after the murder.

Task 5. What is meant by murder committed generally dangerous way?

1 murder, committed in a manner dangerous to the victim and his family;

2 murder committed with the use of generally dangerous method;

3 guilty of deliberately applied a method of causing death, which is known for it was dangerous to life not only the victim, but also of others.

Task 6. What kinds of infanticide provides article 106 of the Criminal Code?

1 murder of the mother of the newborn child during or immediately after birth;

2 murder of the mother of the child in a traumatic situation;

3 murder of the mother of the child in a state of mental disorder not excluding sanity;

Task 7. Under what conditions actions of the person to be qualified as murder committed in the heat of passion?

1 strong emotion and intent to commit a crime is sudden;

2 person action aimed at killing caused by unlawful and immoral behavior of the perpetrator;

3 the person who committed the crime, has come a temporary mental disorder;

4 all of the options are correct.

8. Specify which form is characterized by causing a fault
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