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Question № 1. Which method is not used in the study of discipline "Economic geography and regional studies"? 1) program-target method; 2) Method of the system analysis; 3) Method of historical determinism; 4) Method of economic and mathematical modeling; 5) The comparative geographical method.

Question № 2. What is the natural base for the development of social production? 1) subsoil; 2) land; 3) fixed assets; 4) the natural resources; 5) Revolving Fund.

Question № 3. What is meant by the area of \u200b\u200binteraction between society and nature within the geographical envelope of the Earth? 1) geographical environment; 2) society; 3) the Biosphere; 4) the environment; 5) the environment.

Question № 4. For any system of disciplines related discipline "Economic geography and regional studies"? 1) natural; 2) Philosophy; 3) general economic; 4) environmental; 5) geographical.

Question № 5. What is the way to overcome the economic crisis and to achieve financial stability is most acceptable for Russia? 1) reduction credits; 2) reduction of production and consumption (by increasing taxes); 3) expanding the production and consumption of goods, tax increases, free prices; 4) free prices; 5) expansion of production and consumption of goods, tax cuts, as well as state regulation of prices.


Question № 1. the direction of economic and mathematical modeling regional economic processes does not apply: 1) preparation of models of territorial proportions of economic complex of Russia; - 2) The compilation of mathematical models for placement of various sectors of the economy; - 3) modeling of the distribution of productive forces in the context of the country and separate regions; - 4) modeling of the formation of the economic complex of the region; - 5) compares the number of territorial units by using mathematical methods.

Question № 2. Which approach is the basis of public support for the regions? 1) Comparative geographic
Economic geography and regional studies

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