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Question 1 Describe the scientific knowledge of such principles as cause and otnositelnost.Vopros 2Oharakterizuyte difference of views of representatives of the Ionian and Pythagorean philosophy shkol.Vopros 3Pochemu conclusion of Clausius heat death of the universe is wrong? Question 4B do you see the significance of the discovery of electromagnetic induction? Question 5Privedite modern classification scheme elementary particles. What is the theory put forward by Gell-Mann? Question 6Na example reversible reaction 2NO + O2 - 2N02 + Q explain how to shift the chemical equilibrium towards the products reaktsii.Vopros 7

What chemicals are part of a living cell? Question 8Izlozhite basic principles of the theory Ch.Darvina.Vopros 9Kogda and why it became possible occurrence of aerobic organisms on Earth? The question 10Privedite examples of self-organization in the simplest systems. What are the conditions of self-organizing systems?

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