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Question 1: The population is 100 million. People. The number of employees - 50% of the total population. The unemployed registered 8% of the workforce. The number of disabled and students with the job - 36 million. People. Question 2. As a result of increasing the price of goods from 5 to 7 currency currency demand volume decreased from 9 million. Currency up to 7 million. Currency. Determine the elasticity of demand tsene.Vopros 3. A public servant who receives at the end of the year after all deductions (including income tax) 25 thousand. Rub. a year in the new year decided to open his own shop. His start-up capital is 30 thousand. Rub. He expects to receive proceeds equal to 210 thousand. Rub.Zadanie 10.

Deposits of the bank amounted to 200 thousand. Dollars. The actual bank reserves amount to 100 thousand. USD. The required reserves ratio is 20%. What are the bank's lending capacity? What is the value of excess reserves? What are the possibilities of the banking system increased further supply of money?

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