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Using the financial statements is given below find the following financial performance of the enterprise at the end of the reporting period:

1. The coverage ratio.

2. The liquidity ratio.

3. Liquidity reserves.

4. The net profit.

5. The return on assets.

ASSET beginning of the reporting period End of the reporting period

Cash and marketable securities 175000 180000

Accounts receivable 740000 680000

Inventories at market or lower price 1200000 1330000

Prepaid expenses 20000 25000

Provisions for future payments 30000 35000

Problem number 2. Identify the effect of financial leverage at 8 times the ratio of own and borrowed funds, the average rate of 25% on the loan and the level of economic profitability - 15%.

Problem number 5.Predpriyatie metal recycling has the following financial results: Income from operations - 60 USD, working capital - 65 USD, retained earnings - 90 USD, the volume of sales - 45 USD the market value of the shares - $ 40, and the total amount of assets - $ 300 Using the formula «Z- Account" to determine the probability of bankruptcy of the enterprise.

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