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Task 1

Question 1: What is the life safety as a scientific discipline?

1) The area of \u200b\u200bexpertise covers the theory and practice of everyday life;

2) the area of \u200b\u200bpractical knowledge about the serene and prosperous existence of modern man;

3) The area of \u200b\u200bscientific knowledge, covering the theory and practice of protection from dangerous and harmful factors in all spheres of human activity, the preservation of health and safety in the environment;

4) field of theoretical knowledge about human health;

5) the area of \u200b\u200btheoretical knowledge about the activities of the security services and security companies.

Question 2. Safety - is:

1) a serene and comfortable life of modern man;

2) the science of comfortable and safe interaction with che¬loveka technosphere;

3) the sum of all factors affecting human life;

4) the activities of the security services;

5) a combination of factors that affect a person in the course of employment.

Question 3. What is the basis BC science?

1) on the daily knowledge and skills a person;

2) on intuition;

3) laws and regulations;

4) on the developments in preventive medicine;

5) on the formation of public consciousness.

Question 4. What issues are decided life safety?

1) safety in household and industrial environments;

2) safety of life in the urban environment;

3) safety in the environment;

4) emergency peacetime and wartime;

5) all of the above.

Question 5. What is not included in the concept of "Safety"?

1) domestic environment;

2) working environment;

3) the natural environment;

4) Virtual Reality;

5) an axiom about the potential safety.

Task 2

Question 1. The main objective of health and safety - it is:

1) formation of human conscious and responsible attitude to personal safety and the safety of others, to impart basic knowledge and skills to recognize and evaluate the Danger is
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