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Task 1

Question 1: When did the idea of \u200b\u200bthe infinite series of numbers?

1. In the I century BC

2. In the II century BC

3. In the III century BC

4. In the IV century BC

5. In the V century BC

Question 2: Which of the numbers is not rational?


2. 0.1

3. 0.111 .....



Question 3. Which of the numbers is not valid?

1. e (the base of "natural logarithms")





Question 4. In which line the property quaternion recorded with an error?






Question 5. What is the ordinal number will increase as a result of the transfinite number 1,000,000?




4. 1000000


Task 2

Question 1. How can formulate the main directions of mathematical research in the social sciences?

1. Studies in the field of linear programming

2. Research in the field of non-linear programming

3. Research in Economics

4. Research in Cybernetics

5. Studies of the precise description of the functioning of social systems and their parts and study the influence of conscious action (control) on the functioning of social structures and for social processes.

Question 2. What is the basis of the assumption of using the coefficient matrix of survival and fertility?

1. The assumption of the immutability of survival and fertility

2. The assumption of a homogeneous age structure

3. The assumption that the termination of the epidemic in the considered time interval

4. The assumption of the absence of war

5. The assumption of the absence of natural disasters

Question 3. What is the result of consideration of the hypothesis model changes in the number of aristocrats in the tribe Netchez?

1. The number of aristocrats in the tribe was stable

2. The tribe did not have a stable class structure

3. tribe led brutal wars

4. The number of "pariah" (poor) increased steadily in the tribe

5. The total number of the tribe could not be stable

Question 4. Which of the hypotheses used in the simplest model of economic growth?

1. Total revenue is the sum of puff
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