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Question 1. Grounds for termination of criminal proceedings, in accordance with Art. Art. 25, 26 of the CCP RF.Vopros 2. The judicial concept reglamentaZadanie razbiratelstvaVopros 3. 4. 5. The procedure for issuance prigovoraVopros order of consideration of the criminal case by the court of cassation instantsii.Vopros 6. The content, form and procedure for sending a request for legal pomoschi.Vopros 10. Prior to the beginning the trial of juvenile defendants said a written request for consideration of a criminal case in the absence of the defense and referred to the fact that he is able to defend itself, and that this failure is not related to his financial situation. The court rejected the petition of the defendant and ensure its protection.

Are the actions of the court legal?

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