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Question 1. Explain what the main reasons for the evolution of the approach to the problem, from personnel management to human resource management (specify main periods, events, authors of theoretical approaches)? Question 2. Highlight the fundamental differences "personnel management" from the "Human Resource Management": fundamental principles; the basic functions of the problem; activities; methods, etc. Are there common elements in these approaches? Answer argumentiruyte.Vopros 3. Define the personnel policy, what its purpose is. What is the difference between the term "frames" from the term "staff". Specify which elements of the personnel policy in your organization, there are the traditions, representations of heads and which are enshrined in the organizational standard legal dokumentah.Vopros 10. Specify the key areas of competence which are required HR manager for the management of personnel management, and build relationships in the organization? A comparative analysis of the quality of your well-known leaders, leaders.
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