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The new pet in the game - Sand Scarab.

code you receive IMMEDIATELY! For any servers RU / EU / US

Buying the loot, you get a 25-digit code that you must enter on the page, choose the region where the server on which you want to get a pet. After activation code, you get a new code which you can enter the NPC Landreau Dalnostrel in Booty Bay (Stranglethorn Vale) (submenu Forgotten Tomb -> Sand Scarab-pet)
Other Lutova pets at the best prices: - Code Legion Eye [Eye of the Legion] - Code Grell Sociable [Gregarious Grell] - Code Purple Puffer [Purple Puffer]

WARNING !!!: if you after registration and obtain a new code, any problems with the security code from the NPCs in Booty Bay, (the code does not fit in the field, after entering the code, nothing happens, and the like) - try to disable all addons and fashion set you restart the game and try again!

The huge request, if you are still arranged - leave the positive feedback!
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