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Good afternoon, dear buyer, Marketplace DIGISELLER !!!

Many people zadumyvayutsya how to start a business at home at minimal cost. But even with the roof over his head, and the average salary is still sometimes lacks one detail, ideas ... If this is true then this is exactly the goods you will approach, since it contains 6 ideas for a home business that you can start your own business:

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The technology of casting jewelry - molded parts made of precious and non-ferrous metals and their alloys used in the technique a lot, including quite complex and miniaturized, serial production of which can afford only companies with precision technology. However, a single (or even small-scale) microfusion quite able to organize and at home. With modern technology, it turns out, can rival the old way of injection molding using the uncomplicated manual centrifuges.

Almost everything you need for such casting technology, can be made with their own hands. The cost - minimum

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Technology stamping molding - Injection molding machine consists of three parts: a frame; the upper part, which includes a smelter with the press; the bottom - it is represented by the mold halves and the mechanism of the docking / deployment.

In the drawings, the injection molding machine is missing some dimensions - for example, the height of the melting chamber, the diameter and other. Their I intentionally put down in one case some parts ready applied (of course, modified) in the other - because they can vary depending on the available materials.

------------------------- ----------------------- 3 items -

Microplasma SPLICER

Microplasma welding apparatus (hereinafter, IPA) for cutting a low-temperature plasma material, including refractory; welding and brazing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Features allow the IPA to successfully use it in the repair and manufacture of various metallic and non-metallic structures, sanitary equipment.

Specifications IPA

Supply voltage 220 V

Supply frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption, max 1.5 kW

The weight of the plasma torch, max 1.2 kg

The temperature of the flame, max 8500

Flow Rate, max 0.25 l / h

--------------------------- --------------------- 4 items -----

Manufacture of semi-automatic machine - a compact electric welding semiautomatic (Espana), perfect operation is guaranteed by the electronics and the protective environment of carbon dioxide, in any sector would not be superfluous. Especially when repairing farm machinery or lining of the car body, as well as when the permanent connection of a thin (eg, aluminum or steel) plate as to avoid burn-through area of \u200b\u200bthe warm metal should be minimized, but without compromising the quality of the seam.

Such Espa recommend make a home studio or in the garage: from commonly available components, parts and materials, with a minimum of complex turning and plumbing operations. Well, if there are difficulties associated with the electrical and radio engineering, that in fact there is always a possibility to appeal to experienced hams (for example, from among the relatives, friends, neighbors or acquaintances and responsive professionals) who will help to assemble and debug electronic part welding machines . Fortunately, the basic schematics here, we can say classic.

5 ------------------------------ ------------------ goods ----------

Fabrication welder - Contents:

1. Portable welding machine (arc)

2. Welding small ...

3. The low-power arc welder

4. Welding apparatus ... From motor

5. Further development of the welding machine

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Production of electric rods - no comment
Also, production technology, you can find the rest of my viewing products.

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