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The answers to the test opening of the Legal Institute of Criminalistics in the file for the program exel Test Client.

Answer format: question -> write the number of the correct answer and the correct answer is written himself. The best format, the passage takes 10 minutes!

Answers to tests OYUI latest, guarantee 100% of the results of the test to assess the 5.

The questions in the test:

System Science Criminology consists of the following elements

Forensic term coined

The founder of forensic photography is

The research method in which the new position is derived logically from the general provisions to particular conclusions - it

Recommendations for planning the investigation carried out separate investigative actions are included in the section of criminology

The ultimate goal of forensic identification

Identifiable objects are

Identification characteristics of the object must meet the following conditions

The result of forensic identification can be concluded

Samples for identification according to their method of preparation are divided into

What are the main way of fixing traces of a crime

Form fixing objects in forensic techniques

Investigation suitcase - it

Views are panoramic shooting

All photos are divided into forensic

For shooting small objects with multiple increase use

Expert photography is used

Morphology - a

The changes produced in the material objects under mechanical, chemical and other exposure in the course of committing a crime in criminology - is

Depending on the nature of the tracks is divided into sledoobrazovaniya

Trasological important properties of human papillary lines are

Along the path of human traces can be determined

Edzheskopii method based on the fact that

It features its own exterior include

The developer of the technique of graphic and plastic facial reconstruction is

Criminalistic doctrine about the signs of appearance - it

By functional features include exterior

By the anthropological features of appearance concerns

Weapons designed to hit a target using human muscle power in direct contact with the object of defeat - it

Caliber Firearms determined

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