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Self Examination Mathematics 50 tasks.

Answers to 50 jobs in the form of a table.

A separate file contains all tasks.

Tasks for comparison:

1. Find the matrix C equal to the sum of A and B if ...

2. Calculate the product of the matrices A and B, if ...

3. Calculate the product of matrices A and B, if ...

4. Find the matrix inverse of matrix A, if ...

5. Solve the system matrix method ...

6. Solve the system by Gauss ...

7. Solve the system by using the package Kramer MS Excel ...

8. Solve the problem.

The firm has been allocated 236 thousand. Conv. u to buy 29 items for office equipment: a few

computers for the price of 20 thousand. conv. u for computer, office tables on 8.5 thousand. conv. u table, chairs

1.5 ths. conv. u per chair. Later it turned out that somewhere you can buy computers

by 19.5 thousand. conv. meals. and tables - 8 thousand. conv. u (Chairs at the same price), so that the same

the amount was purchased for more than 1 table.

To find out how many units of each type of equipment was purchased.

A) computers - 7; seats - 13; Table - 10;

B) Computer - 6; seats - 11; Table - 13;

B) computers - 9; seats - 10; Table - 11.


50. At the base sent 10,000 packed mirrors. The probability that a mirror in the path receives

damage is 0.0003. What is the average mirrors get damaged?

A) 6;

B) 3;

B) 11.

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