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Course project in mechanical engineering: "Process technology manufacturing parts" spigot "

Developed technical process of manufacturing parts for the serial (mass production); The design of control devices to control radial and axial run-out and calculated the error of this device; The design tools for drilling holes of conductor plate, as well as milling and turning the mandrel.

Archive includes:

- Cash-explanatory note on 26 sheets of A4 (excluding Roadmap) + roadmap to 12 sheets of A4;

- Drawings in the AUTOCAD (5 sheets A1):

1 sheet: Drawing details

Sheet 2: Drawing blank + assembly drawings mandrels;

Sheet 3: Operating card;

Sheet 4: Tool for drilling

Sheet 5: Device for control of axial and radial runout (COMPASS V7Light (only))

Course project was developed in November 2005.

Delivered perfectly 01.12.05 at the department "Spetstechnology SM-12" in the MSTU. Bauman

PS The original drawings are executed in Solid Works 2005. If you need them then email me at (drawings can be printed in volume and surprise that the teacher)

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