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Anyone who has searched for topics on the English exam in the network, for sure, find and download topics, drawn from the collections of all kinds.

You agree that in most cases, to prepare for this text and the normal response to the exam is difficult. We have to simplify highly complex proposal, throw hard words and phrases. Sometimes it is easier to re-write itself. We tried to do our themes easier for them to be easily prepared.

At the oral examination are especially appreciated the phrase expressing the personal relationship of man to the affected subject. Let them be simple, but agree that it is much more pleasant to listen to than the dry facts from books. Especially, if you have nothing to say about his attitude to the problem, you surely will be asked about this.

The proposed acquisition is to text, you will not find in collections or on the network.

Our customers have appreciated the quality of the drafting of texts.

- Simple and intuitive language

- A small number of difficult words and expressions

- Comments on the Russian for "fit" under the theme of a particular person

- Number of proposals: from 20 to 30, depending on the complexity of the use of statements

- Instant download the archive in .zip format immediately after the payment

- Topics are divided according to the documents in Microsoft Word format

Successful exams!

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