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The program is among the ACCESS-97/2000 (MS Office), and consists of a base platezhek united by a common base of payer-recipient, which saves time when filling the bases. The program is designed for filling, storage and printout of payment orders (PP), in accordance with the latest requirements. (Government Decree of 19.01.2000g. №46. Letter MYFF for Taxes and Levies of 11.04.2000g. "On the procedure of registration of taxpayers payment documents"). The program can work in the environment of ACCESS-97 and in the ACCESS-2000, but this version is running ACCESS-2000. If you want to work in the 97, you should contact to my website where you can download the appropriate version of the program under ACCESS. The program features search PP sorted by number of PP, the date of payment, amount of payment and the recipient, as entered in the search field purpose of payment. In the program address any dosing errors, improved interface.
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