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Responses to test the Open Law Institute on the subject of professional ethics in exel file for the program Test Client.

Answer format: question -> write the number of the correct answer and the correct answer is written himself. The best format, the passage takes 10 minutes!

Answers to tests OYUI latest, guarantee 100% of the results of the test to assess the 5.

Answers 2014, the test has been encrypted with the new!

The questions in the test:

The moral nihilism - is:

The term "ethics" appeared:

What preskriptsiya?

What is studying science ethics?

What is the direction of neopositivist moral theory, whose representatives argued that moral judgments are not "verifiable" neither true nor false, but express the emotions are the order of the speaker and hearer?

Happiness in the ethics of the Stoics expressed in:

Enter the name of the Russian writer and philosopher, who believed that "the recognition of the need for resistance to evil is nothing like their usual excuse for people´s favorite vices: revenge, greed, envy, anger, lust for power."

What is the central concept in the ethical teachings of Confucius?

Human perfection in Buddhism is through:

The main virtue of the Christian is:

What moral categories related to the concept of honor?

Anything that serves to satisfy the material and spiritual needs of people, is a means to achieve certain positive goals, called a word:

Responsibility - is:

The emotions that cause human suffering on the differences between what he did and what he would do - is:

The moral category, as expressed in the moral obligations towards other people in specific circumstances - is:

What problem does not apply to moral and philosophical problems of applied ethics?

The totality of the professional moral standards, which defines the relationship of man to his professional duty, is called:

Professional and ethical regulation of the legal profession suggests:

What it is primarily manifested "practicality" Applied Ethics?

That does not apply to the field of study "Professional ethics"?

That is part of the moral and stimulating function right?

What moral concepts are common to law and morality?

Legal ethics - is:

The rules have the force of law enforcement, as they are set:

In contrast to the legal norms, moral norms are:

Strong-willed component - is it?

The structure of justice does not include estimates of the relationship:

How is the regulatory function of justice?

Legal orientation - it is a stable system:

What is a sustainable system of facilities, in a certain way oriented to social values \u200b\u200band guiding people´s behavior in relation to these values \u200b\u200bin terms of their complex interaction?

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08.05.2019 6:08:05
Ответы подходят! Всё отлично!
11.06.2018 10:13:15
Здравствуйте, хочу сказать вам огромное спасибо, что вы действительно помогаете в учебе без всяких проблем! решение тестов на отлично быстро и не дорого) буду всегда обращаться только к вам!!!
03.05.2018 16:33:39
27.06.2017 7:15:22
Мальчишки и девчонки , а также их родители. ! Возникли трудности в учебе? Тогда скорей спешите. Здесь есть все необходимые тесты с ответами которые помогут вам справиться с учебой. Проверено !!!
08.06.2016 2:44:18
Спасибо огромное!!! Отличный сайт. За 15 минут и оценка отлично)