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... All this was already once and more than once, but they have forgotten everything again, but now in the memory surfaced again eight lives, all eight love that connects them, fees for debt and gratitude that they had to share and release finally each other, but whether were tied tighter than was intended by fate, or the next life would be very empty and useless if they do not find it to each other, when they met again and again, they are drawn to each other through century, distances, overlap with each other in parallel worlds. There were to be together again. To love, in whatever form they may be are brought to each other. Exchange strength and energy, and again leave their unfinished business to be able to live together for another life.
14.10.2015 20:05:19
Очень надеюсь, что и эта книга Елены Хуторной мне понравится.