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What is the book about

The effect of diet on health. At the heart of the book is the most extensive in the history of science study of the relationship between what we eat and what we are ill.

Author of the book - the world's largest specialist in biochemistry - Colin Campbell has made a number of discoveries that changed attitudes to food of millions of people. It turns out that the products we diligently to feed their children, considering them useful, give rise to the major killer diseases: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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"Chinese Studies" emerged after studying mortality statistics in the 65 counties of China, which were collected at the initiative of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, was dying of cancer.

In this study it was determined more than 8,000 significant relationships between diet and disease. "Squirrels have such a big impact that we can stimulate and stop the development of cancer, simply by changing their consumption", - one of the key findings of the author.

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