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The proposed electronic chess tutorial (hereinafter - Ash) - versatile in the sense that it could be used as:

- Grants for training toddler rules of the game of chess (from pre-school age);

- "Corporate", modern and extremely useful gifts for children of relatives and good friends.

Using this detailed Ash as a guide (in electronic or printed form), even quite familiar with chess people who can read in Russian, can help to learn the rules of chess almost any crumbs that are interested chess pieces.

Why it is necessary to teach children how to play chess and how to do it with the help of Ash describes in his introduction.

Ways to use the file Ash as a gift:

1. The easiest way - to send a congratulatory e-mail a link to download the file "E-chess tutorial", you will have after its purchase;

2. Another way is to copy the file "E-chess tutorial" on the flash drive, which then become your original and extremely useful for the development of the child's gifts, the relevant proverb "Small but precious!";

3. The same as in the claims. 1 or 2, but with the addition of a file "Electronic collection smekalikov", which can be purchased on the same trading platform;

4. The same as in the claims. 2 or 3, but also with the addition of a chess set with the chess board.
File "Electronic chess tutorial" is the PDF format and the amount of 2.54 MB.

Links for more information about Ash, but also about the electronic collection smekalikov (ESS) are available upon request at the e-mail, on this page for information on the seller and his products. At the same time responding to requests that contain the phrase "request for information about e-books" are sent automatically, that is, immediately and at any time of any day.

I wish you and your child every success!
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