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We are a team of professional players, representing a variety of services in games since 2012 with the experience of pumping characters from the launch of the content of Pandaria, Draenor and Legion. During our work, we performed more than 1000 characters at the start of 3 add-ons, assembled a team of professional players and know all the features of pumping when a new add-on is released.

Our players already have the experience of pumping from 110 to 120 level with the beta version of Battle for Azeroth. If necessary, we will provide a stream of execution.

Features of the service:
-By purchasing this service you get a leveling of the specified character from 110 to 120 level.
-Service is performed with the transfer of the account.
-The execution time is from 12 to 48 hours depending on the options that you specify.
-All resources, gold and other values ​​after the completion of the pumping remain with you.
-We do not use third-party programs and other software, all actions are performed only by the player, the process of execution can be controlled on the stream.
-Passing is performed on any server - EU, US, RU and so on, depending on your choice.

-Phersonage level 110, the addition of Battle for Azeroth on the account.
13.10.2014 21:53:09
Всё быстро и надёжно,как бонус шикарный стрим :)
05.10.2014 22:12:02
Все отлично ;)) Как всегда у этого продавца :))
05.10.2014 21:26:24
Ребята молодцы. 30 волн дд прошли чуть ли не голым персом пару дней назад апнувшимся ) Спасибо!
05.10.2014 11:32:14
передавал аккаунт, все отлично и быстро
05.10.2014 11:31:35
передавал аккаунт, все отлично и быстро
05.10.2014 11:31:01
передавал аккаунт, все отлично и быстро
05.10.2014 9:25:33
Молодцы! Все сделали быстро и хорошо!
04.10.2014 18:29:11
Все как обычно у этого продавца! МЕГА быстро, удобно и комфортно. Спасибо!!!
04.10.2014 7:12:24
Отличный сервис, не смотря на позднее время ачив был сделан. Рекомендую.