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This unique trading system is for those who are tired to search the Internet in search of real trading systems that brings real profits. You have probably experienced a lot of you suggested trading tactics, yielding to the tempting calls to get "$ 10,000 a week" or "$ 1,000,000 per day." Probably tried to earn, spending the whole day at the monitor and at least trying to earn a measly few dollars, or entirely left at a loss. Alas, almost all of the now prosperous mountain traders have gone through it.
Those who did not survive - were disappointed, surrendered and forever lost the taste for forex, announcing all this deception and nonsense. Others have found their niche, has subscribed to a few tens of trading signals and continue to earn $ 10 -50 maximum, and then it happens and does lose
In our trading system you, step by step, the pass, the path from novice to experienced and successful trader - a professional who, without leaving home, spending 3-4 hours a day, can provide yourself and your family a very decent income .
We will give you valuable advice and will reveal to you the secrets that will allow you and many other traders succeed, and ignorance that causes all the other would-be traders to settle for paltry $ 50-100. You have at your disposal valuable traders most useful skills that will make your work in the forex market a comfortable, successful and profitable, the possession of which is truly exalt you and your business to the top!
"PROFITDAY PRO" v. 2009 (Includes manual trading system and the long-awaited automatic!)
[Description manual system]

"Targeting strategy to work in a trending market and taking maximum profit of this situation;
"Working on almost all financial instruments;
"2 unique shopping expert;

1. This pfd_trall - which belong to the category of three trailing leveled. It differs from the standard trailing the fact that the transfer is not carried out stoploss "popunktovo" (for example, when trailing at 30 points at 31, stop-loss will be moved to 1, with 32 - on 2, etc.), and " steps "of a given length. Default: when the level of the floating profit of 15 points, stop-los move to level 1, then at a profit in 35 points, move the stop on the 10, at 55, at 30 feet, and then the feet move in increments of 5 points.

2. It pfd_bezub - This EA will simply put all of your position to breakeven when they reach a predetermined level of profit

"The newest indkator commentator;

The commentator makes the analysis of 7 indicators: Indicator Eliot Wawe, Indicator RSI, Indicator MACD, Indicator Aroon, Indicator ADX, Indicator CCI, Indicator, William Percent and informs the direction at the moment. It is also reported every day the daily pivot points (points of trend reversal) during the beginning of the trade - Start Trading Hours Trade and end time - End Trading hours, and the level of support - S / 1 / S2 / S3 and resistance - R / 1 / R2 / R3

"A clear and certain logic.
"High profitability.
[Description of an automated system]

+ Works on all currencies
+ Can work on completed bars, and at zero
+ Robot successfully distinguishes itself warrants and monitors only those orders, which put itself. You can trade independently on the same account, the robot does not touch your orders
+ Has a system output deals baa zubytok and separately adjustable trailing stop
+ Its system MM-commerce can be conducted as a fixed lot, and the percentage of the lot to balance, equity funds or deposit - fixed lot and automatically when the robot itself increases the lot and reinvest.
+ Works in any Au, ranging from mini account 0,01 lot!
Multicurrency + mode (ie, you can at least put on the 20 currencies)
+ The system automatically close the transaction without stop-loss (3 system mode)
+ Robot can work scalpers (take 5-8 points) and ordinary.
+ Robot can work against the market
So, buying trade system "PROFITDAY PRO" You get:

- The most reliable and stable source of income!
- Confidence in yourself and your future!
- You can always leave work at the office or in the company and become the earn at home, sitting at the computer!
- You will have a permanent job with the prospect of growth!
- Using technology "PROFITDAY", you can increase you earn money on the web exponentially!
- You will be able to satisfy any of your whim, as it will not hesitate to experience in finance!
- Your stay in the network will be fun and moreover, will bring you a lot of money !!!

Complete Trading System includes: |
- Illustrated description of trading strategies; (Manual and automatic)
- The most recent indicators;
- 2 Trading Expert (manual) + 1 trade expert (automatic);
- Fitting Patterns in the trading terminal;
- Installation Instructions templates to the terminal.

Note: A version of this trading system is designed for an unlimited number of computers and ye the time!

Promotion: Our Products 1000 p. Our project announces the Anti-crisis price for all the company´s products!

Price is valid till August 31, 2016. (Look at the price on the site almost all goods 1000 r.) In addition, anyone who would make

purchase in the amount of 3000 tr in the period from 07.01.2016 on 31.08.2016 will receive almost any product for free!

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