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Our company is pleased to present you a novelty. Nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator - Purpose of Life! to operate in the Forex market. The indicator represents the latest trading algorithm, which has an enormous potential. LED is ideal for traders and analysts, making a systematic analysis of the current market situation, as well as use in multi-trade strategy.
Indicator Purpose of Life! - The indicator clearly defines the purpose of our movement on these tools and allows you to make global forecasts on the further development of interested couples. and tells you to what extent there can be movement!

Working with the system is quite simple, convenient and profitable, so the indicator will be particularly useful to beginners and experienced speculators will be an excellent analytical tool in addition to its own strategy.

The main advantages of LED - Purpose of Life! :
"The ability to identify the end of a strong trend movement or transition to a correction
"The exact fixation of the lateral direction of the market!
"The definition of bullish and bearish sentiment as a long-term market and to date
"A visual display of the situation
"Fast reaction to changing moods
" and much more
Scope Indicator:

"Trend analysis of all periods (ascending / descending)
"The cumulative analysis to determine the most probable movement (% probability of the upward / downward movement)
"Tracking the trend in a particular period
"Tracking the trend of development with the least periods
"Trading on the pullbacks the trend for the period in favor of the youngest senior
"Catching the trend shown in the junior and senior support positions on the trend.
Note: The version of this technical indicator is designed for an unlimited number of computers and ye the time!

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