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Our company is pleased to present you the novelty nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator - DayBox! to work on the market draws foreks.Indikator boxing and beyond it says where to buy and sell. you no longer need to draw it by hand!

Our product is your indispensable tool, it can be used simultaneously to monitor a variety of currencies! indicator is not redrawn.
The main advantages of LED:
"Very easy to use, quite novel at the price chart
"Nepererisovyvayuschiysya algorithm indicator compared to standard LEDs!
"Analyzes the market, and shows on the chart where the buying and selling, as well as targets and stop-loss (red line outside the box, there is need to set a pending order sellstop, green line outside the box, there is need to set aside an order to buystop
"Works on all almost all the instruments and currencies!
"Automatic adjustment to a job market!
"Shows what level to hold the position
Note: The version of this technical indicator is designed for an unlimited number of computers and the time!
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