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Genre: Sports simulator

Developer: EA SPORTS ™

Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.

Cooperative play without a network: up to 4 players

Russian language

Size: 6,34 GB


A new edition of the world famous hockey simulation series, created specifically for the new generation of gaming systems, the most faithfully reproduces all aspects of the games of the National Hockey League. Sophisticated to the last detail the physical model provides unprecedented realism interactions between athletes - clash and power struggle at the ice arena recreated naturalistic as never before. The new system is showing matches on NBC Sports, which includes coverage of Mike Emrick and Eddie Olchik and analytics from Ray Ferraro makes game match virtually indistinguishable from the real TV coverage.


Thanks to innovative technology 12 Player NHL Collision Physics for the first time in the sports video game detailed physical model used for absolutely all virtual athletes. In addition, the completely redesigned virtual behavior washers: now she twists, rises on the edge and bounce off any obstacles exactly as it happens in reality.

Model each virtual hockey consists of three layers - the figures, forms and equipment. Each layer is studied and responds to external stimuli separately that brings the realism of the interaction of players with the puck and among themselves to a new level. Coupled c improved system is allowed to reach the exterior of the incredible reliability of appearance, movements and emotions of players.

Thanks to modern technology in NHL 15 meticulously recreated stadiums where the matches of the National Hockey League. Spectator stands, designed more than 19 thousand people, dynamic lighting, decoration, corridors, for which the athletes out on the ice - ice arena full virtual copy famous stadiums. Such a high level of detail is not able to achieve on the consoles of the previous generation.

The new version of the revolutionary control technology Superstar Skill Stick gives you the opportunity to use the full arsenal of techniques available superstars NHL. With the right joystick, you can intuitively operate on a virtual field, like a hockey player: keep the puck to accept the transfer, not slowing, and literally on the fly to invent and carry out unique feints.

NHL 15 sets a new record, flocking to virtual over 9,000 spectators, look each of them worked out in detail. Matches comment Star popular US channel NBC Sports Mike "Doc" Emrick and Eddie Olchik. Experienced analysts, columnists and TV commentators, Doc and Eddie will not miss any more or less interesting moment of the match, lively, emotionally and, of course, with humor in response to what is happening on the ice arena. In their game repertoire more than 35 thousand replicas! All this brings the maximum virtual matches to this television.

Continuation of the popular hockey series has won millions of fans around the world, including in Russia.

The new season of the series NHL presented significant improvement of gameplay and visual component of the game, thanks to which the virtual hockey becomes more plausible, dynamic and exciting.

NHL 15 lets you join the hockey team to everyone - regardless of age and physical fitness, it is possible that for someone it will serve as the start of this sports career.
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Всё прекрасно, товар получил, продавец на связи
Вообще, все на вышке
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