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Buying from us Battlefield 3: Armored Kill you are guaranteed to receive a license activation key immediately after the payment.

Pay attention!

For access to content additions, you must have installed the game Battlefield 3.

The composition of additions includes Battlefield 3: Armored Kill:

• New Equipment

• Four new maps

• New game mode «Tank Superiority»

• New technology to improve

In Battlefield 3: Armored Kill battle techniques you will meet in the form in which it can be seen only in Battlefield.

You will be able to operate tanks, ATVs, self-propelled artillery, and many others. Also in addition will feature huge battlefields, including the largest map in the history of the series Battlefield.

Product Features:

• Battle technique on four huge maps.

• The largest map in the history of Battlefield.

• New equipment, including tanks, ATVs and self-propelled artillery.

• Five new improvements to the technology, which can be used in the main game.

• More than 20 types of improvements for new equipment in the Armored Kill.

• The new regime «Tank Superiority».

• All maps can be played in all six modes.

NOTE: This activation key in Origin.

========== To start playing you need to Armored Kill: ==========

1. Download and install Origin. (Http://www.origin.com/download)

2. Start Origin.

3. Select the language and the place where the game is installed.

4. Go to the "Origin-Set up and manage."

5. Select "Activate product code."

6. Enter key Armored Kill, obtained after payment.

7. After the game activation tab appears with your profile and the list of activated games.

8. Select the Battlefield 3 and press "Start".

9. Download and install the game.

\u003cdelivery\u003e This product is distributed through the digital distribution and contains no packaging and boxes. \u003c/delivery\u003e

06.09.2016 20:19:16
Спасибо активировал все найс
15.06.2016 16:05:20
Все отлично, активировалось без проблем.
10.10.2015 20:56:50
Большое спасибо!
Все работает.Все оперативно пришло.
31.07.2015 10:39:51
08.11.2014 10:42:45
Все отлично код пришел моментально советую брать!

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