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Minecraft has its age, but that doesn't make it boring or old-fashioned.
The game has more and more free updates with enough content to gradually make the game more fun.
The mini-games to play are almost endless, but you can also play servers or maps with other players, which can take hours.


✅Minecraft account with full access for PC.
✅A new mail has been created for the account.
✅The account is yours forever, this is NOT a 1-2 month rental.
✅The account has Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
✅We guarantee a working* server.
✅Instructions provided after purchase.

Important information

1. Instant delivery of the purchase to your Email.
2. Be sure to change your passwords from your account and mail.
3. The warranty is unlimited, provided that we are not responsible for your actions: transferred to another email, resold, given to a friend, viruses on the computer, used an unofficial launcher, cheats, in such cases the warranty is canceled.
4. Refund only if the store is unable to make a replacement within 72 hours of purchase, otherwise there is no return.
5. Be sure to record a video at the time of purchase. The video recording must begin before the moment of payment and include a FULL check of the received goods. The video should show the system time of your computer. Recommended software for recording - and for downloading -
6. The buyer's complaint about non-working data will be considered only if there is a video recording, otherwise the store reserves the right to refuse to support the buyer.
7. We respond to buyer's messages within 72 hours. Please do not leave bad feedback until the problem is solved.

* The server may be temporarily blocked for 30 days for changing the ip address, in this case we do not make a change.