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By purchasing this product you will receive:
Starting access to TERA ONLINE on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, as well as 15 days of elite status, an exclusive pet dragon, a plasma skin for weapons, an accessory to the Golden Crown, and much more.


TERA Online is the fantasy MMO RPG of the new generation, rightfully received more than 10 international awards, including the best free online game, the most beautiful graphics, the best F2P MMO, the best localization and quality of service, the best combat system (non-target) and many others. TERA online is by right the most anticipated game of the year, played by millions of players around the world. All the fun in TERA begins after reaching the maximum level, which makes it unnecessary to open new servers to maintain interest in the game. Being the best RPG game, TERA has won the hearts of millions of users all over Russia, and you join!


1. Visit the site to create a new En Masse account or log in to the existing one.
2. After entering En Masse account, enter the code that you purchased.
3. Select the console you need and get an additional code.
4. Enter the code you received in the console that you selected in step (3).
5. Download the TERA game client, create a character and connect to the server. Once in the game, you can find your gifts in the Item Claim menu./delivery

Without recording the video from the moment of purchase to activating the code, CLAIMS DO NOT BE ACCEPTED!/delivery
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