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🎮 CODE ¦ ASSASSIN´S CREED UNITY ¦ XBOX ONE 🎮🔹After payment you will instantly receive a key (Code to download the full version of the game from the Xbox Live service)🗺️ Activation Region: Global🔹 Code Activation Method Through the Site:1️⃣ Go to
2️⃣ Follow the "Login" link in the upper right corner;
3️⃣ Log in with your account;
4️⃣ Go to "My Account";
5️⃣ Select "Activate Code";
6️⃣ Enter the purchased code./attention/deliveryattention🔹 Method of code activation through the console:delivery1️⃣ Log in to your Microsoft account;
2️⃣ Press the XBOX GUIDE start button on the controller;
4️⃣ Select REPAY CODE;
5️⃣ Enter the purchased code./attention/delivery
🚀 After payment you will instantly receive a 25-digit code to activate the game.

🔐 VPN is only required to activate the code.

📓 Activation instructions will be available on the delivery page.

♻️ The return of the key for reasons "did not fit", "cannot activate" or "did not read the description" is NOT performed.

🤗 We will be grateful if you leave a REVIEW at the link:
Regards, DSGame´s
20.06.2018 12:39:24
Оплатил, ввел код в иксбокс. Все добавилось рекомендую
29.05.2018 22:41:20
Код пришел автоматом сразу же активировад в xbox store через xbox one ввел код с основного акка сказали приобретено и нажал скачать и все. рекемендую