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In Dead Space ™ 2, you again have to take the role of engineer Isaac Clark from the original Dead Space. Isaac wakes up in an unknown place three years after the terrible events on USG Ishimura, a spacecraft of the "Planetary Ripper" class, where for the first time they met with the living dead - "Necromorphs". After Isaac destroyed the Obelisk - a mysterious artifact that animates the dead, it appears on Titan, the satellite of Saturn. Isaac does not remember what happened to him over the past three years, he suffers from a serious mental disorder and constantly sees his dead girl, Nicole. For unknown reasons people again began to turn into terrible necromorphs. Isaac will have to go through this nightmare for the second time and find answers to his numerous questions.
Turn all 360 degrees in outer space.
Master numerous weapons and destroy your enemies in a variety of ways.
Tear off your limbs to your friends in multiplayer
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14.01.2023 14:35:23
В Беларуси активировался без проблем, в течении минуты все пришло. Дорого, но для стим версии больше нигде не найти, рекомендую данного продавца!!!)
12.11.2020 10:39:51
Thanks ++

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