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After payment you will instantly receive a key to activate Norton Internet Security 2020 - 1 PC 180 days.
The buyer receives only an activation key of 25 characters. Activation in the program itself -Help- Enter the activation code.
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Norton Internet Security is a software package for comprehensive protection of your computer from all types of Internet threats: viruses, trojans, hacker attacks and other cyber threats. Issued by Symantec, an American software developer.

Key features of Norton Internet Security:

Intelligent Firewall
Intrusion prevention
Email Protection
Phishing protection
Download control
Wireless Security
Secure storage and use of logins and passwords
Remote network monitoring
Network Reliability Management
Parental control
Rescue system recovery disk.
Next Generation Antivirus Engine

The new real-time anti-virus engine provides malware detection, fundamentally changing the methods of traditional file protection.

Key features of the new engine include:

All of Symantec’s smart capabilities — over 4,300 billion interactions — are now used by Norton Security in real time. Each time you access a file, Norton evaluates it using thousands of criteria to determine the potential risks of the threat.
Based on Norton Cloud cloud technology, local disk signatures are now 80% smaller. This is the fastest and lightest Norton that has ever been.
Historically, the detection of new viruses occurs when new anti-virus databases have been updated on the client machine. This process can take from several minutes to several hours. With the new Norton Security engine, information about the latest threats is instantly available through the Norton cloud infrastructure. This greatly improves the speed at which users are protected from the latest threats.

Intelligent protection

Intelligent protection during system boot
Aggressive heuristic threat detection with the new Norton Power Eraser
Automatically turn on aggressive scanning to detect botnets
Smart Data Leakage Protection Technology
Improved sharing of malicious website information with the Norton Community Watch user community
Web browser protection with less dependency on plugins
Redesigned attack protection using social engineering
The new generation of SONAR technology

Productivity increase

Performance optimized for latest Windows 10 updates
Battery Saving Power
Less impact on web browser speed
Best-in-class, real-time performance
29.01.2020 14:07:11
Успешно активировал программу.Обновилась до новой версии, ключ работает.Все быстро.Спасибо.
07.01.2020 15:34:12
Интересный пакет.