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🚀 Instant Delivery
🤝 Guaranteed Tech Support
👍 Warranty Period Unlimited
🎁 Gift Card for Feedback⚠️ GENERAL ACCOUNT FOR XBOX ONE
❌ YOU DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE XBOX.COM SITE❗️ You buying a Shared Account, it may require a permanent connection to the Internet and Account.
❗️ During the game, "disconnections" and "throw me away" from the gameplay are possible. Any claims in this case will not be accepted.🎮 GAME ¦ STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition ¦ XBOX ONE 🎮Text: RUS | ENG | ESP | ITA | CHI | KOR | GER | POL | POR
Voice acting: RUS | ENG
Subtitles: RUS | ENG🔷 Before buying a product, it is NECESSARILY TO READ THE INFORMATION and RULES!!!◾ After payment you will instantly receive a licensed game (login and password from the Account with the game).
◾ The profile is being shared. You can not play online! DLCs ​​for online games do not work.
◾ You do not buy an account for full access, you only buy access to the Account and to the game itself. Consider this when buying.
◾ The account works on any XBOX ONE console [You do not have access to the site].
◾ All products are purchased from the Microsoft Store. You will have no problems using the Account.
◾ The game is downloaded with the language of the country that is set in the settings of your console (if the game was translated into this language).
◾ Instructions for using the Account will be available on the delivery page.
◾ Password changes are possible on the Account, you can find out the actual data from the seller at
◾ We will resend the security code if changes have occurred on our part. [If you reset the console, buy a new one, delete the Account, this is not our problem, in such cases we won’t send the security code.]
◾ We will solve any problem associated with the purchase within 48/72 hours!
◾ By purchasing an Account, you automatically agree to the information and rules described in the instructions.⛔ FORBIDDEN:◾ Play from the purchased Account;
◾ Log on to any device other than the XBOX ONE console;
◾ Change any data on the Account;
◾ Use Account on more than one console;
◾ RESELL / EXCHANGE / TRANSFER data from the Account to third parties;
◾ Disseminate data on any social networks [Vkontakte, YouTube, etc.].[For violation of these rules, you will lose access to your account without a refund! Also in technical support for any questions you will be REFUSED!]🔷 We will REPLACE you goods if:◾ Invalid username / password;
◾ Product does not match description./attention/deliveryattention❌ A replacement product or a refund is IMPOSSIBLE if:delivery◾ You bought the wrong product “by accident”;
◾ You have violated the RULES./attention/deliveryattentiondelivery[If something does not suit you, do not pay, take care of your and our time!]/attention/deliveryattentiondelivery🤗 We will be grateful if you leave a REVIEW at the link:
Regards, DSGame´s/attention/delivery
🔷 HOW TO ENTER ACCOUNT AND INSTALL THE GAME:01] Click the “Guide” button;
02] Select "Add a new player";
03] Enter the received data (login and password);
04] Next, “Is this really you?”, Click on the green field, select one of the options and before sending the code, inform the seller that you are ready to send the code (wait for the seller to respond) and only then click on;
05] After you have a window for entering a security code, enter the code that the seller will send you and click next;
06] Next, “Transferring data to publishers of games and applications”, select “Continue”;
07] Next, “Advanced error reporting”, select “Continue”;
08] Next, “Login Settings and Security”, select “No Limit”;
09] Next, “How to enter?”, Select “Skip”;
10] Next, “Have you received the code?”, Select “I don’t”;
11] After you find yourself on the main screen;
12] We select “My games and applications” further “Full library” further “All own games”, find the game you bought in the list, press “A”, then click “Install all” and wait until the game is fully downloaded.🔷 HOW TO LAUNCH THE GAME:🎮 Method №1:
01] We enter the purchased Account;
02} Switch to a personal account;
03} We enter the game;
04] We play.
05] The game will have your Xbox Live profile player tag, save and achievements are tied to it.
06] Purchased Account is not deleted, enjoy the game!delivery🎮 Method №2:
01] Enter the purchased Account;
02] Switch to a personal account and launch the game;
03] Disconnect from the Internet:
[Press the Guide button 🎮 ▶ Settings ▶ Network ▶ Network Settings ▶ Disconnect from the network]
04] Play on your profile! The game will not crash. All achievements will open the next time you connect to the Internet.
05] The game will have your Xbox Live profile player tag, save and achievements are attached to it.
06] Purchased Account is not deleted, enjoy the game!/attention/delivery
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Very Fast work great
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Продавец очень хороший, не обманул, добрый, советую к покупке)
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Отличный продавец, быстрая обратная связь! При покупке проблем не возникло, рекомендую!