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License key from the game - Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition
Activation: Xbox One
Languages: Russian, English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, etc.

To activate the key on your account, you may need a VPN connection.
This key is distributed by digital distribution. And does not have boxes and disks.

About the game:
The Super Deluxe Edition includes access to 4 story DLC and several digital additions: the "Retro" and "Neon" cosmetic sets include the head and appearance of the Vault seekers, an accessory and coloring for the echo device; the Gearbox set with colors for weapons and accessories; a weapon set with two models of toy guns, a toy grenade modifier, and an accessory. You can also use the experience and loot boost, additional coloring, garnet modifier, and accessory.

Borderlands 3 is a triquel mad shooter with RPG elements in the spirit of Diablo. The game tells the story of a new four Asylum Seekers who confront two villains-twins, who planned to unite the bandit clans and lay their hands on certain forces that affect the whole world.
Players are waiting for four completely new characters, as well as meetings with old familiar characters. For the first time in the series, the game takes place not only on Pandora - in Borderlands 3, players will travel across the galaxy on their own spaceship, exploring different worlds and fighting different threats.
To activate the subscription, you need to follow the simple steps specified in the instructions that will be sent to your email with the code.
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